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    I’ve been here before.

    I’ve tried and failed on numerous occasions, but I had a foot hit me square in the rear this week.  Time to get back at this whole Internet thing and make a real effort (Twitter’s still around right?).

    I love technology, adore my career and can’t get enough of the marketing world.  All that being said, I’ve been terrible at utilizing the 1st to enhance the 2nd and prove that I’m good at the 3rd.

    Per the swift kick in my ass:  I was visited by a former executive at my very large company.  She has been gone for 3 years now and has thrived…evidenced by her large smile, positive outlook on life and genuine excitement to be where she is right now (as she put it, she left the corner office for an office in the corner).

    I like where I’m at and I’ve learned a lot.  So much that I probably have a lot to share with people who may be casually interested in the same stuff as me.  I also know that I’m not going anywhere quickly, by quietly accomplishing my job in my corner cubicle.

    All of the experts agree…the web is your resume, and it never hurts to use it to your advantage.  I’ll be developing my voice and working through that publically over the coming weeks, I hope to make it interesting to a select few or a really kick ass private journal.

    Talk to you soon…