JUNE 2012


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    My buddy called me up on Sunday to see if I was interested in heading over to the vintage bike show at the downtown airport…  This friend has been looking for a motorcycle this year and as always, I’m down for a chance to peer pressure another person into the biker gang!

    We arrived to some of the most beautiful classic bikes from some of the top brands (Triumph, Ducati, Honda, Harley, BMW and more).  It was a blast to walk up and down the aisles, catching a glimpse of these extremely well taken care of classics….some of them still sporting a dealer invoice from the owner’s original purchase.


    That in itself blew my mind….I can’t think of anything that I’ve purchased lately with the thought: “I really need to hang onto this for 30 years so I can show it off in near perfect condition in 2032”

    In addition to the beautiful classics, we had the chance to see Chris “Teach” McNeil (the BMW factory stunt rider) and both his F 800 GS/S 1000 RR in action.  Stunt riders have always fascinated me, but this guy DEFINITELY pushed both of those bikes and the small amount of space he was given to the limits.  The amount of skill, practice, dedication and injuries this guy has endured surely could fill a long afternoon of stories….but he was a pure joy to watch as he made these 300-400lb bikes look like an extension of his body.


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