MARCH 2014


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    At 9:30am, Micah Baldwin visited the Sprint Accelerator during a stop in Kansas City.  I’ve seen him speak a couple times before and had some idea of what to expect.  He’s informal, conversational, and sometimes so brutally honest that it may come off as a bit vulgar….it’s always awesome.  Today he reflected on his career so far and listed three rules for founders.  I captured the words on twitter so I could remember, here’s my interpretation:

    1. Be a Missionary – Be purposeful and mission driven with your business…understand why you exist.
    2. Be Nerdy – Be obsessed with what you’re working on.  Working on something that is a passion isn’t really work.
    3. Be Charismatic – Be approachable and infectious, make it easy for others to believe what you believe….

    Know why you exist, be obsessed about it, find a way to spread that passion to everyone you come into contact to.  Pretty simple lessons for everyone doing anything…if you can’t follow those three rules you probably won’t be successful.  Great advice Micah!