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    Microsoft this week announced a cool new project that came out in beta called on{x}.  While this isn’t the first application to apply “If __ then __” logic to mobile (check out the winner of the ORIGINAL Android developer contest:  Locale), it definitely strikes me as a step forward and validation of mobile logic to automate tasks .  The interface is minimalistic (similar to other Microsoft projects of late*), fairly simple to learn and easy to apply some basic rules to your daily life in a few different ways:

    Basic:  Show me the weather the first time I unlock my phone every morning

    Advanced:  Automatically launch the music application when I’m driving

    Custom:  (possibilities are endless here….as long as you can write a little java script) Automatically check into my favorite restaurant when I’m eating there….I really want to become the mayor but I keep forgetting to use Foursquare!

    Much like it’s predecessor, it’s very cool, but I’ve found the app to be a little impractical due to the impact on your battery life (over 15% of my battery consumption throughout the day….unacceptable).  While that is a concern now, I fully believe that some sort of modified “Moore’s Law” in battery tech will bring us batteries that last a month (probably longer)…..

    When concern over running processes are a thing of the past, how will your mobile lifestyle adapt to the “always on” capability of functions like GPS, Network, Barometers, Thermometers, Accelerometers, Gyroscopes, DLNA, Biometrics and more???

    What if:

    -Your devices could sense other connected devices around you and elegantly pop messages/phone calls/information to that connected device (i.e. pop up a text message in the corner of your big screen)

    -Your devices could detect the presence of other people around you (i.e. you have a friend over, so don’t pop that text message because it has sensitive information)

    -Your devices could tell you about that person sitting next to you, how you know them, people you both know, similar interests, what you talked about the last time you sat on this couch

    -Your devices tell your house that you’re not coming back any time soon so it locks the doors, shuts off the lights and arms the security (but turns on a light inside and flips on the TV when it detects an un-recognized presence outside)

    -Your devices could sense that it’s 6:30, you haven’t checked into a restaurant or grocery store and the fridge at your house is telling it that it has no food… need to hit the store pronto!

    The possibilities are endless and it’s interesting to watch Microsoft start to dive into this space…..what would you do if your device could provide some menial intelligence and automate certain parts of your life?  What would you do with all of that free processing space in your real brain?!


    *Full disclosure….I believe that Microsoft has been making some killer moves over the last decade and we haven’t even seen the beginning of what they’re capable of.  As the iPhone and Google have seemingly kicked their ass in mobile, they have quietly made big moves in the living room (XBOX), hardware technology/peripherals, voice, messaging and also still happen to own a majority of the computers in the world.  Should be interesting to see what they do with their war chest.



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