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    I have been catching up on some Apple news today RE: the iOS 6 announcement.  After reading a few reviews I saw some common themes popping up:

    • “finally, a re-imagining of the Phone app, Apple does it again!”
    • “Facebook integrated directly into my iPhone???  Brilliant!” (BlackBerry circa 2006??)
    • “Maps, on a phone??  WHAAAAA???”
    • “Siri…that might actually work as advertised?”
    • And more common “Apple is losing focus, will they be able to pull all of this off?”


    All joking aside, there were two fairly massive announcements today.  Passbook, probably the most novel approach to mobile commerce to date and the fact that LOCATION base presence is being integrated into a few more apps.

    I wrote a post last week talking about Microsoft’s dive into mobile logic with on{x}.  In true Apple fashion, they promptly one-upped Microsoft’s science fair project with some simple uses of location data into a lot of core applications:

    Phone Calls

    • When ignoring a phone call, you can have it remind you “when you leave” (handy for ignoring a phone call from your boss in a noisy bar on a Friday afternoon)
    • You can have it remind you when you get home (a great way to remember to call Mom after ignoring her at 2:3o during a meeting)
    • You can even have it remind you when you get to the office (a good one for that pesky 8pm call from an anxious partner on the west coast)



    • When arriving to a movie theater, your iPhone will automatically bring up tickets you purchased for the movie
    • When arriving to the ball park, your iPhone will automatically pull up your baseball ticket
    • When arriving to the airport your iPhone will automatically pull up your boarding pass and even tell you if your gate has changed



    • Your iPhone is now providing “anonymous, real-time and crowd-sourced” location data to the cloud to make sure traffic congestion data is as accurate as possible…maybe quickest routes in the near future?
    • Siri now integrates some fun and quirky comebacks while in a navigation session “Siri, are we there yet??”


    Obviously this isn’t a complete list….just some of the observations I could glean from the transcript today.  Surely Apple recognizes the power of context and presence, hopefully they have the good sense to open it up to the development community to see what else can be imagined.

    Now…..about that battery that can last a month on a single charge………


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