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    As mentioned in a previous post….I’m a big fan of Augmented Reality.  There are a lot of cool applications of the technology, but I’m most impressed with companies who use it to allow users to interact with objects that are normally inanimate.

    My lovely wife came home from Target today really excited because the new Justin Bieber CD launched (yes, she’s 30 and LOVES Justin Bieber….that’s a problem I don’t have time to get into).  As she tore it open to listen to the contents of the packaging, I noticed they were promoting an interaction with the blippAR application.

    I grabbed my trusty smartphone and sure enough….there was Justin Bieber delivering a message, thanking my wife for purchasing his newest album.  In addition to that, you can buy concert tickets and even take pictures using your smartphone camera that super-impose Justin looking longingly into your friends’ eyes.

    Cool implementation, for sure…but I have a couple of issues:

    1. I don’t feel like  the content was rich enough to be meaningful.  BlippAR only recognizes the front of the album and even that is limited in functionality.  If driving purchases to physical channels is truly a key strategy of the Record Labels, they have a LONG way to go before this becomes something people stand up from their computer and walk into a store to purchase.
    2. It wasn’t easy to find….a geek like me noticed the blippAR integration but my wife sure as heck didn’t know it was there.  Would this be something a teenage girl would take the time to play with? (this is obviously a challenge for the AR community in general)


    Overall…cool integration of AR.  Keep innovating Bieber.

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