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    You can fault my company for a few things, but we have outings at Kauffman Stadium down to a science…  The marketing group takes it upon themselves to get everyone out to the K for a good time at least once a summer.  Thanks to a few passionate individuals, this event generally goes off without a hitch including but not limited to:  tickets to the game, parking lot games, wonderful tailgate food, BYOB and all of the sunburn you can handle.

    As long as I’ve been in the corporate environment, when you don’t have a vendor sponsoring something, it’s on your own dime.  I don’t have a huge problem with this at all….as long as we have good participation and a great time (fortunately, I have a bunch of like-minded co-workers and a day off doesn’t hurt either)

    I can easily donate $20 toward the cause of supplying all of the above, but I NEVER CARRY CASH!  I’m not sure what took us so long, but we finally decided to grab the Square Reader off of my shelf, plug it into a phone and use that to collect payment from co-workers.  We quickly found there were a LOT of benefits to this:

    1. People paid – Much like me, people just don’t carry a lot of cash.  Aside from that, there is a novelty to this new method (I’ve yet to find a person who isn’t completely FASCINATED by Square…it’s fun to watch your payment go through on a mobile phone)
    2. We could track payments – It can be a bit overwhelming when people run by your cube to drop off payment…keeping the cash straight and crossing them off of the list turns into a chore
    3. We aren’t worried about cash laying around – not that I don’t trust all of my co-workers…..but some times a few hundred dollars in pure cash is just too tempting.


    This is our first experiment with this, but so far I don’t see a reason to not do this (aside from the 2.75% fee…but we went ahead and passed that on.  No one seems to mind).  It’s amazing how slow to adopt new technologies we can be at times.  It could be the fact that we’re too close to it all to put the utility into practice, but I always try to push the envelope when it comes to “eating our own dog food.”

    Have you tried Square yet??  No?  Go download the app (Android OR iPhone)….they’ll send you a reader for FREE


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