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    My wife and I met a family member out in KC this week and decided to try a new place in Waldo.  I’ve lived here for about 8 years and consider myself to be a Waldo purist…as part of that title, I was definitely saddened when the original Kennedy’s burned to the ground back in 2007.  I was in full support of the owners in their quest to recover and even helped out by drinking beer in their make-shift tent on St. Paddy’s day that year (most of the profits benefited the fire fighters who fought the blaze).

    In the wake of that wonderfully trashy dive bar they erected a pretty amazing building that almost looks sustainable (a grass roof makes you green right??).  The Kennedy’s name was resurrected on the building and business resumed as normal….unfortunately, it just wasn’t the same.  The new Kennedy’s was different…the regulars were gone, your feet wouldn’t really stick to the bar floor and the bathrooms were all on the same level.  It wasn’t going to last.

    Fast forward to present times, Max Watson (former sous chef of places like Room 39 and the Rieger Hotel Grill & Exchange) has come in with a new food/drink menu to bring some fine dining in Waldo at the re-branded “Remedy.”  In my opinion it’s a welcome addition.  Fine cuts of steak, pork shoulder, cauliflower steak and even an in-house cured bacon BLT top the list of food choices….but the food was a minor distraction on my way to the drink menu.*

    *oh yeah…the beer menu is pretty awesome as well

    Last night, I was fortunate enough to grab a couple cocktails and as you’ve figured out….I sniffed out the bourbon in that list.

    1) The Mayfair Manhattan – a very well put together Manhattan (or Manhatten per their cocktail menu….but I’m not an English teacher) with Dolin sweet vermouth, orange bitters, a wonderful brandied cherry all held together with Buffalo Trace Bourbon

    2) Ward 8 – a lemon and orange flavored [SOUR] cocktail with home-made grenadine and a touch of mint.  This one is made with Rye (not Bourbon), which most would argue is a more traditional choice for any whiskey cocktail.

    Both drinks were extremely tasty and I’m happy to see this level of food and drink make its way into Waldo.  Maybe it’s my age (30), but there are almost too many places in this neighborhood where you can drink until 3 in the morning, I’m happy to see an establishment where you can sit down and enjoy a drink make conversation without shouting.

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