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    Fall is a beautiful time of year…  After the horrible summer we had, the weather has been a treat and my inner-Nebraskan is overjoyed by the fact that football is in full swing.  Aside from a bit of a rough start for my Huskers and two weeks of heart-breaking losses for my fantasy football team, I’ve caught every moment with some help from my mobile phone and these three awesome apps:

    1)  ESPN College Football:  FREE (Android/iPhone)

     Nebraska law dictates that nothing shall interrupt a Husker game, unfortunately the occasional wedding or trip to Runza for a half-time snack may interfere.  Luckily the folks at ESPN were on point with top notch reporting and a really slick interface to fulfill all of your College Football needs.  I’ve found that even while sitting in front of my TV, I’m getting more information than the on-air talent (i.e. the Bo Pelini heartburn scare of week 3).  Simply log in with your Facebook account and add your favorite college teams….timely notifications can be customized to deliver news, game start/end, scores and more.

    2)  Yahoo! Fantasy Football ’12:  FREE (Android/iPhone)

    While I definitely bleed Husker Red, Fantasy Football has turned into an obsession over the last few years.  With the KC Chiefs completely embarrassing themselves again in 2012, it’s nice to have a fake team that I can root for.  We’ve used Yahoo! over the last couple years and their app has slowly become one of the more capable on the market with live scoring, roster changes and more available at your finger tips.  A must have companion when watching NFL Redzone in the basement.

    3)  THUUZ Sports:  FREE (Android/iPhone)

    While the ESPN CFB app definitely takes the cake, this sleeper pick is a MUST DOWNLOAD….  I’ve been watching THUUZ for about a year as they’ve developed from cool app to necessary utility.  The wizards at THUUZ watch every single game going on and will send you a notification if there’s something on TV that you shouldn’t miss.  It’s a brilliant concept made even better by the fact that they now can integrate your fantasy football teams with the click of a button.  By logging in with my Yahoo! credentials, Thuuz knows when Vick is tearing it up and gives me a quick nudge to flip the channel….nice work guys.

    How about you?  Any favorites that I missed?  




2 Responses to My 3 Favorite Sports Apps for Fall

  • Jimshade wrote on September 23, 2012 at 10:26 // Reply

    Completely agree with you on Thuuz. We just integrated them into an app on The Hopper which helps you find, tune to, or record the most exciting games based on their Thuuz rating.

  • ErikWullschleger wrote on September 25, 2012 at 8:59 // Reply

     @Jimshade  I think you’re the one who introduced me to Thuuz.  It works great on my Google TV box…once again, sounds like I need a Hopper :-)


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