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    As you know, I’m a big fan of the handwritten thank you note…  While Sprint’s “Thank You Thursday” effort continues to gain traction internally and externally, I’m always on the watch for others doing it right.

    Continuum Innovation is a design agency full of intelligent people who were instrumental in bringing apps and services to life in our retail stores.  We were working closely together at Sprint (and making huge strides) but fell victim to a changing of the guard.

    I received a thank you note in the mail today from the Continuum team and it really blew me away.  The note was genuine and full of gratitude for our partnership, thanking me (and my team) for our support and wishing us luck in the future.  Even in a situation where it’s easy to be upset about the outcome, Continuum looked at the great progress we made together and sent a heart-felt thank you for the partnership.

    Classy move guys….look forward to running into you again some day!


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