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    A few months back, the marketing groups at Sprint were consolidated into one building (finally) and the moving process was underway.  I asked a simple question in my director’s staff meeting that stirred up a bit of a dust storm….”do we have any other options aside from cubicles?”

    Before I knew it, the corporate real-estate team was all over it, showing us layouts, walking me through floor plans and detailing out all kinds of options we had…they were thrilled with the opportunity to accommodate.  In exchange for a little bit of personal space, the new floor-plans brought more open areas, collaboration space, lounge chairs and a personal meeting room for our team.  With a half-way enthusiastic group, we took the plunge, complete with a name for our new home…Cubertino (graphic design work thanks to our creative friends at Fervor)

    We’re now a few months in and the feedback has been extremely positive.  Just our team asking the question inspired others in marketing to opt for a more open workspace and we even encouraged a team on our floor to convert after moving their stuff in.  I’ve noticed that we hold more “standing meetings” (meaning we don’t waste time on the calendar), we socialize more around coffee grinders, french presses, assorted baked goods and more than anything, we’re all much closer as a team.  Our personal conference room has become a place others want to come and ideate, complete with a whiteboard table and a fancy 360 degree conference phone for remote members of our team.

    While our shared workspace won’t rival those of Digitas, Google, Spotify, Lookout or some of the other tech startups I’ve visited…it beats the heck out of a normal cubicle!



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