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    For those of you who know me, you know that I’m a Seth Godin disciple….  Purple Cow is literally my favorite book I’ve ever read and I can credit almost all of my ideology in the art of marketing to his books, daily blog posts and hundreds of other authors and/or small business owners who he’s introduced.

    Earlier this year he announced that he was writing a new book called the Icarus Deception and it was coming to market in a unique way….as a Kickstarter project.  Being a part of the Seth Godin “Tribe”, it was a no brainer to make a contribution.  He promised something remarkable….LITERALLY the largest book ever printed….and he delivered.  Because I’m a nerd, I did a really crude “un-boxing video.”  You’ll hear me grunting as I pick this book up….because it is SERIOUSLY heavy.

    Coming from a man of such concise thoughts, I knew this book would be packed full of wisdom and had no issues putting down the cash to be one of the few, proud owners.  Stand by for the full reviews, but as a loyal reader of his blog since about 2004, I’ll vouch for the content inside of the big book….there’s too much marketing genius in here for on mortal soul to pump out in a life time, I don’t know how he does it.

    If you didn’t make the initial Kickstarter campaign, I would highly recommend picking up the bundle of his 3 newest books in an easy to purchase bundle…if you don’t want to spend money, go start reading his blog……NOW!


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