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    Today I was given an AMAZING opportunity to talk with our talent management group in HR.  I was originally asked to come talk about the “Thank You Thursday” program but decided to find a common link between that and the recent Hack-a-Thon that my team won here at Sprint.

    As I was preparing for this presentation I did the usual….

    1. Establish a working outline around the narrative
    2. Build a skeletal presentation with the content I needed to tell a complete story
    3. Practice….Practice….Practice
    4. Remove almost ALL of the words and insert pretty pictures


    Step 3 is crucial.  Where I originally relied heavily on the words within the page, the practice in a private spot allowed me to grow comfortable with that content.  By the 3rd run through I was able to utilize the pictures on the page as a visual cue, turning my presentation into a supporting actor and not a distraction.

    While those 4 steps helped me, I did find that there was one final key….the live presentation.  As I walked toward the conference room I reminded myself to punch up the energy, look people in the eyes, don’t dance around in one spot and watch the “um’s.”

    Because I KNEW MY CONTENT so well, I could focus on these minor details making the presentation far more entertaining to the audience, ensuring they weren’t distracted by any of those things.

    What are your presentation secrets?  Anything I’m missing


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