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    After the long ride down the coastline, we ended the evening in one of LA’s oldest Mexican restaurants (El Cholo).  The cold margaritas and spicy fish tacos were a welcome treat after a long car ride.  It was nearing midnight so after one more beer at a bar around the corner we all headed for the hotel for a little rest.

    We spent the next day on the beach, finally feeling that California sun….many of us now with the red skin to prove it.  Of all the beaches in the LA area we decided to spend our time on Venice beach, hoping to catch some of the action on the board walk.  It didn’t disappoint.

    Among the street vendors, beach bums and tourists there were pockets of really interesting people doing things outside.  We took the opportunity to put Google Glass on the faces of people who were out and about get their point of view.

    So far, most of us agree that the “killer app” of Google Glass is definitely the photo and video capability, capturing a cool human eye perspective that only takes seconds to enable (and we’ve found the image quality to be amazing).  We interrupted a few people to try on Google Glass while they were going about their afternoon activities.  A street ball “dunker,” a boxing trainer who was working out with a client and a street performer on the boardwalk were all willing volunteers.  We had fun watching the point of view Google Glass afforded us (I don’t know about you, but my days of doing a 360 degree spinning dunk are long gone).

    More than the cool videos that we were able to capture, it was fascinating to see the general public react to seeing Google Glass in the open.  In San Francisco we got a few looks but for the most part, the novelty has worn off in a city where Googlers have been walking around with them on in public for months.  LA was far enough away from the bay area giving most of the residents and tourists their first look at it in the wild.

    It started out with in-conspicuous looks but soon enough people were gathering in a crowd around Chris to catch a glimpse and maybe even try them on.  You can instantly see the power in Google’s bleeding edge piece of hardware to capture people’s imagination.  Even more than that, you get a good understanding for Google’s strategy of “pre-releasing” this device before it’s ready for prime time.  Google may not know how Glass will be put to work, but what we’ve discovered is that everyone has an idea of how they would like to use it….and that’s exactly what Google’s hoping for.

    We wrapped up things in LA (stopping at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles for a quick bite to eat) and headed into the desert for Las Vegas.  While Google Glass continues to capture the imagination of the general public we found at least one person who’s not interested in imagining the future…the head of security at the Luxor Hotel and Casino.  Chris was told to “take those off” within seconds of entering the hotel lobby.


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